Smilezor invisible orthodontics

Achieve a perfect smile within only 5-7 months with the invisible Smilezor braces!

The bright and perfect smile will not only be a dream any more if you choose Smilezor barces. An aesthetically perfect smile can give you self-confidence and boldness. Conquer the world with your new and amazing smile!

This is how it works:

The treatment consists of a sequential set of see-through, medicinal grade plastic braces that will be changed every two weeks providing the wanted result: wonderfully straightened teeth. Usually the patient receives all required braces beforehand and after the treatment starts, they will need to consult their dentist only as required.

How much does it cost? Is there a possibility to pay in instalments?

For further information please visit the following website,  or turn to our colleague.

For making an appointment or if you have any questions, you can also contact our customer service

We look forward to helping you at one of our locations in Hungary!

Here’s to your beautiful future smile!

The most important advantages of Smilezor:

  • fixed price for both dentures
  • See-through, almost invisible braces
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Extremely efficient
  • If necessary, you can take them out easily and quickly
  • No deteriorating dental hygiene
  • The length of the treatment is pre-defined
  • Digital modelling of the process available before treatment

Scheduling an appointment

+36 20 366 9978

By contacting the number above appointments are available for the Szolnok location (7/b Óvoda Street, 5000 Szolnok)