About our services:

We provide complete dental services for adults and children, restorative dentistry – fixed and removable dentures, professional oral hygiene treatments, teeth whitening, but my absolute passion is cosmetic dentistry.

  • full range of dental services
  • professional oral hygenic treatments
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • restorative dentistry

Scheduling an appointment

+36 20 366 9978

By contacting the number above appointments are available for the Szolnok location (7/b Óvoda Street, 5000 Szolnok)

Dental services

Initial assessment, consultation, check up free of charge

Assessment of dentures free of charge

Dental hygiene advice free of charge

Tooth-colored filling

Root canal treatment

Reconstruction of damaged teeth with root canal posts

Dental hygiene treatments

Dental hygiene advice free of charge

Plaque and tartar removal

Dental sandblaster


Treating mouth and parodontium diseases

Regular routine check ups

Cosmetic dentistry

Tooth-colored filling

Aesthetic denture

Teeth whitening services

Indirect porcelain shells

Direct shells with aesthetic fillings

Metal free zirkon framed porcelain crowns and bridges

Restorative dentistry

Inlay, onlay, overlay

Metal framed plastic crowns and bridges

Metal framed porcelain crowns and bridges

Metal free zirkon framed porcelain crowns and bridges

Partially removable combined dentures

Fully removable dentures

Dental X-ray

Digital periapical dental X-ray

Digital panoramic dental X-ray

Dr. Nora Fekete
Dental specialist
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